Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bye bye Blogger...

I'm officially in the process of migrating to wordpress, this is the url,

letting my creative juices loose..he..he.. ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where is this world going?

There is something about Delhi that makes you return back(its not the girls, but yes its one of the factors) to it again and again. As i keep saying "दिल्ली की हवा में कुछ है " There is a charm in the way the place is, the language, the raj age buildings, the cultural melange and the food.

But no, not the people. Maybe its the fact that they have been subordinated by more rulers than anywhere else in the country, the aggression, distrust and the disrespect to anything that's not them self is an experience. Anyone would fleece you if they know that you are not one among them. And everything is quoted twice the price.

I'm not a fan of any paper that's not the Hindu(typical tam bram of Chennai), the only two newspapers that I'm ok with is the telegraph and the TOI. The TOI as other nationalized newspapers has the same outlay and design. But the Delhi edition is a shocker. I have read it for something like 4-5 months at a stretch, the TOI has the unique distinction of having reported the most number of murder, rape, hit & run and robbery in the first three pages than any other edition published out of Delhi.

Take for example the Aarushi case. The poor girl has been maligned to such an extent that if the murder ever knew this would lead to such a character assassination by the media, he/she would never have killed her. Its another fact that I still don't trust the fact that her father would have killed her.I don't know too much of the surgical jing-bangs, but common sense tells me a dental surgeon cannot be so precise with cutting open a throat with a scalpel with such precision. Even if he had done it, common sense again tells me that the neck has possibly the maximum flow of blood in the body and any incision would have showered him with blood. But again this is only me and my common sense, I could be wrong too. If this seriously is true, I will be more scared of my dentist than the pain in the mouth.

A repeat was again the Neeraj Grover killing. The media has explained the whole process of his being made fresh human kheema
(300 pieces, that bastard had the audacity to even count after he killed and the cops cross checked that too!!)and the physical intimacy of all the parties concerned in almost every article that it has published about the case. Its DISGUSTING!!The poor man is dead and some adult humans did a few things they normally do in normal circumstances(the circumstances where absolutely not normal here), why do you guys need to reiterate it again and again?

I remember when I was young, the only thing that I was taught to get my English better was to read the paper. I don't think I would ever ask any of the next generation to this now. they would possibly learn more things unnecessary out of it. The media of today has breached the thin line of being the extended arm of the people and the law and has become more sensationalist and cheap thrill seekers. The Hindu and the Telegraph to my knowledge are the only saving grace.

And, if the above two parties are to be ever convicted of their crime, make sure that its death and kindly deliver the judgement fast . As its said judgment delayed is judgment denied.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Would you be there when am gone?

where you there when I was born
where you the one who sang me that song
weren't you the one who saw me crawl
weren't you the one who held me while I walked
weren't you the one who taught me to read
weren't you the one who I used to take out for a walk
why wasn't I there to see you off?

where you the one who I used to love
when Christ bloomed you let me off the hook
when my memories haunt you, would you sing for me that song?

why aren't you here when I'm crawling again?
when smile is just a reason to hide the pain; now I'm half more the man I used to be
while the pain is long forgiven, there's something of me that I've lost
when the time has come for me to be taken
would you be there to see me gone?
when I'm in the realm of after-life
will you be there to welcome me to your arms?


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